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Man Claims Glowing Round Disc Dropped Out of the Sky

What is that thing?
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One of the challenges with getting decent video of UFOs is that they appear and disappear extremely quickly. Also, we don’t all necessarily have high-powered cameras lying around, or are much better at doing more than pointing and shooting. Thus, many UFO videos are of low quality, taken at night or by zooming in with our smartphones. Is it any wonder that people are so quick to debunk videos of UFO encounters, even when people do manage to take them?

Take this video. The man who sent it to the UFO sub-Reddit site knows that it’s not the world’s most definitive video evidence. But he does have a story to go with it, so make sure you do more than just watch the video before casting judgement.


In the video you see a glowing, disc-shaped thing turning over and over in the night sky. The video itself doesn’t seem like much — perhaps an escaped, mylar balloon. But then, listen to the man’s eyewitness account:

“[I saw] something in the sky coming my way. My first thought it was a plane until I realized it was making no noise and it was pretty close to the ground, considering it ain’t making noise. So I keep looking while it goes over my head and it went over me with a flat round surface with a yellowish center and orange outline. It was going at the speed of a plane in a straight line. When I filmed it, that’s when I noticed it was a flat disc shape and it was spinning around as you can see in video.”

Luckily, people are being pretty respectful of him, because at the end of the day, video or no, he knows what he saw, even if he doesn’t know what, exactly, it was.