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Deep Sea Camera Catches Strange, Shapeshifting Creature "Filled With Glowing Lights"

What is it?
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There are many odd and unexplained mysteries of the deep, and it is said that we have better maps of Mars than of the bottom of Earth’s own ocean. Even at impossible depths, where sunlight does not penetrate and the pressure is unimaginably great, life thrives. If you ever want to get lost in a rabbit (or would that be cephalopod?) hole, check out this deep sea visualization site designed by Neal Agarwal.

All of this is to say that there is plenty of strange stuff down there. And this glowing sea creature, that looks more like a UFO than any living Earth animal, is definitely one of them.

In the video, an underwater camera catches a strange object hovering around a deep-sea craft. At a glance, the object seems capable of shapeshifting, and features multicolored “running lights” that flash and change along its sides.

What is it? An emissary from Atlantis? A submersible UFO?

Actually, it’s an animal called a ctenophore, colloquially known as comb jellies. These animals use rows of tiny cilia, like the teeth of a comb, to propel themselves through the water in a hypnotic, undulating fashion. The bioluminescence they produce is due to photoproteins, and is a genetic adaptation.

But it’s no mistake that these creatures look like something from the far reaches of space. For decades, science fiction writers and filmmakers have looked to the odd animals of the ocean’s depths to create alien monsters and crafts. Now, our imagination is doing the same in return—seeing a perfectly natural Earth creature and imagining that it’s from a galaxy far, far way.

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