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Moms Share Stories of "Glitches in the Matrix" that Terrified Their Children

There seems to be something in the air.

“Can we talk about how bad the system is glitching right now?” asks popular TikToker Alex Serves Tea. Is she discussing supply chain problems? Looming war? Imminent climate collapse? No, she believes we are trapped in a simulation, a Matrix-like video game in which we are nothing more than avatars of our true selves.

To prove her thesis, she shares a variety of videos of people (mostly moms) whose “glitch in the Matrix” moments scared both them and their children.


In one story, a mother out running an errand receives a terrified phone call from her child wondering why she’s sitting in a car in front of their house, waving to her but not getting out. When the mom, who is still at the store, answers the phone, the “other mother” vanishes. In another, a mother hears the terrified screams of her lost child from multiple places in the house, but when she finally finds him, it’s to learn that he thought she was the one who had disappeared! And in a third, a mom is surprised when each of her children come to her and insist they heard her outside their home, calling each of their names.

So what is going on here? Is it a glitch in the Matrix? Are we experiencing bleed from parallel dimensions, as some feared would happen when they turned on the Large Hadron Collider earlier this month? Or is it like Alex says, that we are all living in a video game and are about to start manifesting our own superpowers?

Hold on, my kids are calling me… at least, I think they are.