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Did This Woman Experience a "Glitch in the Matrix" or Was She Scammed?

You be the judge...

A “glitch in the Matrix” is the affectionate term for experiencing something that seems to defy the laws of space and time. It is named for the beloved 1999 movie about people living in a futuristic computer simulation, in which they use the term to describe times when the evil artificial intelligence that has enslaved humanity “reprograms” something around our heroes in order to try to trick and capture them. Now, when people experience an event that makes them think they’ve slipped through parallel dimensions or had their reality reprogrammed around them, they call it a glitch in the Matrix. But is that what is happening here?


In this video, TikToker Veronica Kwiatkowski shares a story of going to a Chik-Fil-A drive through near closing time. Despite giving their order, paying for it with a mobile card reader, and witnessing their server tell the car two in line behind them that they were the last car of the night, when they reached the service window, the staff there said they had no record of that order, and the kitchen had already closed.

When Veronica informed them that she’d paid for her meal and turned around to point at the man in the parking lot, he was gone, as were the other two vehicles. Shaken, Veronica and her friends vamoosed.

So what happened? Did the car slip into another reality? Did the the simulation we all live in glitch? Did the workers at this Chik-Fil-A decide to knock off early? Or were they a victim of a very well-staffed scam? An update from Veronica reveals that she confirmed the man who took her order was indeed an employee at that restaurant, though her credit card statement showed no record of the transaction either. 

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