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Woman Insists There's a "Glitch in the Matrix" After Greeting Person She Thought Was Dead

Where did they come from?
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Some people believe in parallel universes, an endless array of realities stacked up on each other, some with only slight differences between them. It’s possible that we are moving between these realities all the time and have no idea. Others swear they are now trapped in realities that are not their own — you know, the kind that spell Berenstain bears a different way than usual—with no idea of how to return.

This woman wonders if she’s slipped into some kind of parallel dimension after seeing a person she could swear was dead. Is this reality, or is it just a reality different than the one she has heretofore known?

In this video, a woman wonders if she’s somehow experiencing a glitch in the simulation after she sees a person walk by and greet her—a person that she knows is no longer alive.

In the comments, viewers share their own, eerily similar experiences. “My Grandma walked past my cousin and me on a bridge in 1990. She looked at us and said hello. We both said, ‘That was Grandma.’ She'd been dead two years,” claims one.

“I saw someone today who had died three or four years ago,” claims another.

Are these spirits just dropping by for a visit, or is there something more sinister going on? For those who credit the simulation theory of reality, little matters such as life and death are all fake, just code meant to veil our perception from the nature of the simulation. But if they are rewriting the code, those we thought were dead might really walk among us again.

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