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Woman Captures “Matrix Glitch” of Two Suns In the Sky and It’s Pretty Breathtaking

A glitch in the matrix or a natural event?

This woman wanted to capture the sunrise after weeks of fog and swears she saw two suns. A beautiful hazy glow lights up the clouds as a bright dot seems to rise as if it is the sun. Trailing behind it is a similar but slightly less bright dot claimed to be the additional, bonus sun.  

Commenters are quick to shout “Nibiru”, a term which has several different meanings. It’s an ancient Akkadian term for a planetary crossing or equinox, a hypothetical planet resoundingly proven not to exist, a predicted cataclysmic collision with a meteorite, or a fictional planet in the Star Trek universe. While commenters didn’t specify which conspiracy theory context they were using the word in, it seems they weren’t making Star Trek jokes - much to our disappointment. 

Many commenters also pointed to “wormwood” from the Bible’s Book of Revelation, a passage often associated with a meteor that will poison the waters and a predicted apocalypse. Interestingly, the Ukrainian word for the plant wormwood is “chernobyl” which many have taken to have been a prediction of the devastating nuclear catastrophe of the same name in 1986. The “falling stars” that turn the water to poison are thought to represent the radioactive fallout from the event. 

These “two suns” are certainly a trick of the light, either from lens flare on the camera or as a neat optical illusion from the ice crystals of the fog refracting the light in such a way as to make a second image.

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