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The Many Unsolved Mysteries of Glastenbury Mountain, Vermont

Is it a New England Bigfoot?
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As the summer comes to a close and people are enjoying the nice weather for as long as they can, it’s always good to get a reminder that not everything in nature is safe and sound. For instance, this mountain wilderness in southern Vermont, which is home to a portion of the Appalachian Trail, a ton of gorgeous views, a ghost town, a string of mysterious disappearances, and an Algonquin curse.

Welcome to Glastenbury Mountain. 


The myriad strange occurrences in this area have led some folks to dubbing the district the Bennington Triangle (named after Bennington County, where the mountain is located). Aside from all of the incidents mentioned above, the area around Glastenbury Mountain is also a hotbed for UFO and even Bigfoot sightings.

Algonqin legends of the place said the mountain was cursed, and only ventured to the location to bury their dead. There was also supposedly a legend that a stone on the mountain would open up and swallow you whole if you stepped on it.

But its particular claim to fame lies in a series of unsolved disappearances spanning the decade of the 1940s. During this time no fewer than five people disappeared without a trace on the mountain and the “Long Trail” which goes over it. Only one body was ever found, and he was apparently “squeezed to death” in a location filled with what the reports called odd “bear tracks.” Several of the disappeared folk were experienced woodsmen. Others were wearing red jackets, leading to a The Village-like superstition against wearing the color red while hiking the Long Trail which persists to this day.

Were they attacked by monsters? Abducted by UFOs? Or swallowed by the mountain itself?