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Mom Sets Up Camera to See If Daughter Really Is Talking to Dead Grandmother

Spoiler: She definitely talking to *someone…*

Children have active imaginations, and many of them have imaginary friends. Sometimes, these beings take the form of loved ones long since gone, which can always be a bracing experience for the adults who hear about how little Michaela just happens to have an old lady friend who is the spitting image of her great-Nona. In this video, a mother, curious about her daughter’s insistence that “Grandma” comes to talk to her at night, installs a camera in her young child’s bedroom, and captures far more than she bargained for.


Unlike many paranormal videos, this one is not filled with orbs, curiously moving objects, or slamming doors, Instead, all you get is a young girl sitting up calmly in bed and having a very animated and very realistic conversation with…nothing.

It’s actually kind of sweet. There is no bad energy in the video, and the girl looks calm and happy, just as if she really is having a happy little chat with a loved one before she goes to sleep. At a certain point, she either decides (or maybe is told) that it’s time to settle down, and snuggles under her covers.

Some viewers claim they can hear a second voice in the video, that which may indeed belong to the grandmother. The creator claims that the voice even sounds like her dear departed mom! But what is certainly clear is that this girl is not being “haunted” so much as she is being visited by her guardian angel, her grandmother. 

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