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People Actually Believe This “Stump” Is Evidence of Ancient Giant Tree… and Therefore Giants Must Have Been Real, Too

What a leap.
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Tales of giants exist in cultures all over the world. There are even giant stories in the Bible. But if these creatures existed, how come there is no remnants of them in the archaeological record? Wouldn’t giants have left behind clothing, settlements, or tools?

Well, some people think they have. They point to a variety of massive monuments or even natural formations as being built by giants, or left behind by the monsters to petrify into rock. It’s possible your hometown or state even has one of these “Sleeping Giant” “Giant’s Head” or similar landmarks. Before Mount Rushmore was carved into the presidential visages we all know now, the mountain face was actually sacred to the Lakota Sioux, and was known at the Six Grandfathers.

That being said, rocks and mountains? They aren’t actually giants. They’re just great, big, rocks.

This video posits the absolutely wild theory that the massive stone stocks and batholiths found all over the world are actually “tree stumps” cut down by even more massive giants.

This is, frankly, nonsense. To start with, stone structures like Devil’s tower in Wyoming don’t really look all that much like tree stumps. They are stubby and vaguely cylindrical, it’s true. But as many stocks are actually volcanic plugs (meaning, they are the remains of hardened magma from within a vent of a volcano that has since eroded away), that shape makes a lot of sense.

Devil’s Tower has the striated, “bark” appearance due to the columnar jointing that formed when the liquid rock first crystallized.

It’s a spectacular natural formation. But it was not the work of extinct giants.

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