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Some Say This Enormous Stone Ax Is Proof Of Giants

It's even been left on a "stump."

Tales of giants exist in cultures all over the world. There are even giant stories in the Bible. But if these creatures existed, how come there is no remnants of them in the archaeological record? Wouldn’t giants have left behind clothing, settlements, or tools?

Well, some people think they have. They point to a variety of massive monuments or even natural formations as being built by giants, or left behind by the monsters to petrify into rock. It’s possible your hometown or state even has one of these “sleeping giant” “giant’s head” or similar landmarks. Before Mount Rushmore was carved into the presidential visages we all know now, the mountain face was actually sacred to the Lakota Sioux, and was known at the Six Grandfathers.

And, down in New Mexico, there’s another rock formation that some believe is proof of giants.


This formation, named “King of Wings” by the twenty-first century explorers and satellite imagery experts who first located it in the badlands of the San Juan Basin, looks suspiciously like a giant ax set on top of an equally giant stump of petrified wood.

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What it actually is: a wing-shaped “hoodoo” or wind-eroded stack of stone. Like the majestic arches that also appear regularly in the southwest American desert, hoodoos like this are formed when the softer rock underneath (i.e., the wooden “stump”) erode more quickly than the harder rock on top (the “ax”).

This dramatic formation is about the size of a van, and is exceedingly fragile. Natural weather and gravity will probably topple it within a hundred or so years. That is, if rude tourists who think it's funny to jump up and down on natural wonders don’t get it it first.

And the search for real giants soldiers on…

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