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Woman Finds Strange Giant Leaf in Forest of Normal Trees and People Think It’s a Fairy Trap

Put. It. Back.

Is New Hampshire home to a secret forest fae population? This woman was taking a stroll through the woods on a brisk winter’s day when something on the ground caught her eye - a giant leaf many, many times larger than any others around it. She cracks a joke about Jurassic Park as she shows the ground covered in perfectly normal sized leaves and compares them to the giant leaf, bigger than a human head.  

Strange or slightly out of place things of nature behaving oddly is often thought to be a sign of a fae trap, something set about by the fairy folk to tempt mortals into a trap. Some say these traps are a portal that leads to the realm of Faerie, but some myths say the traps are to trick mortals into deals for their release. These fae traps are archetypal reversals of the traditional human abducts fae who grants wishes, gold, or boons in exchange for freedom mythology that is prevalent in European lore. 

The leprechaun is another example of a fae creature humans are always trying to catch in legends of fairy folk in order to trade their freedom for gold, however bargaining with the Fair Folk is always risky. Mortals usually draw the short straw in these supernatural deals as fae are tricky and use language to create loopholes in their puzzles and tasks in hopes of tricking humans into getting nothing out of the deal, such as the leprechauns using fake gold that turns into leaves after they have parted company with their human victim.  

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