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Giant Head Emerges From the Clouds Over Arizona

Somebody get a beanstalk...
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“Something is going on in Arizona,” reads the caption on this recent TikTok video, which captures a truly unusual cloud formation in which a remarkably detailed face appears to be emerging from the clouds.

“Yeah,” quips one viewer, “monsoon season.”

But is it nothing more than a simple conglomeration of water vapor in the sky, or is it a portent of something more?


What makes this video particularly intriguing is the mixture of light (and lightning) along with the exquisite level of detail. Usually when you are finding shapes in clouds it’s a matter of crude outlines, but this image looks exactly like a head, with definable hairline, eyes, nose and even chin.

But whose face is it? People in comments name a variety of celebrities, most of whom look nothing alike. Some say it’s President Biden. Others say it’s former President Trump! Identification is truly all over the map.

People have long used cloud formations and weather as a form of divination known as aeromancy. So what you might think this cloud isa sign of has a lot to do with who you think it looks like, and what that person means to you.

Our ability to find patterns in random shapes like clouds is a psychological phenomenon known as pareidolia, from the Greek root words “para”, meaning beside or instead of (as in paranormal) and eidōlon, which means image or shape. So it’s literally about finding shapes other than the (random) shape it’s actually meant to be.

Either way—sign or coincidence—such a cloud is a pretty cool sight.