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There’s a Legend That Giant Cavemen are Still Living in Mexico

Who's up for some spelunking?

This video purports to show footage of what appears to be a giant neanderthal peering out from a cave in Mexico. The figure is blurred from the maximum zoom but looks to be a very hair “caveman” who steps into the light from cave entrance on a mountain. The figure appears to be a giant because it takes up much of the entrance even hunched over as it is, but the true proportions are hard to tell without something of known size nearby for comparison. The caveman seems to stare right in the direction of the camera before running their hand over their head and disappearing back into the cave.  

The camera zooms out and shows the entrance is a small dark hole about halfway up a rocky mountain. It then zooms back in and shows the creature re-emerging for a moment, this time walking on their fists, much like a gorilla does.

Is this the legendary bigfoot or a line of neanderthals that survived extinction? Or even perhaps both? While the usual bigfoot sightings report a completely hair-covered humanoid such as seen in the well known Patterson-Gimlin bigfoot film there are many reports of more neanderthal-like people such as seen in this footage. 

Mexico isn’t the only place where there have been reports of living neanderthals, and one of the most compelling reports came from Russia in the mid nineteenth century. A wild woman was found who was said to be so hairy and ferocious that many believe she was another species of human, such as neanderthal or even an unproven one like bigfoot. What is so compelling about this case is that she went on to bear children, some of who have a lineage that can be followed to at least 1954 - meaning there is potentially still recoverable DNA evidence that could be analyzed for proof. 

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