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Ghosts Wreak Havoc On Woman’s Home Bright and Early In the Morning

Can’t blame this one on the wind.

Here’s something I don’t understand about many ghost videos. Who are these people who are filming every moment of their lives and every inch of their homes? I do understand when something weird starts to happen, there’s an impulse to whip out your phone and press record. Additionally, if you already happen to be filming something and a ghost decides to pop out, it makes sense. And finally, if you’re the kind of person who has installed a nanny cam or a security camera or Ring, of course it’s going to catch somethings. But in this video, the woman appears to be filming herself getting a carton of OJ right before things start to get…weird.


In the video, a woman is apparently minding her own business and getting some orange juice when a ghost decides to, in short order, know a bottle of water off her counter, slam a door to a storage closet, and rock some chairs in the living room. As the woman investigates each of these happenings, her for grows, culminating in a chorus of “no no no nos” as she decides to grab her orange juice and get out of that room.

The question is, tough, what was she doing recording, anyway?

As one viewer wrote in the comments, it’s awfully convenient that the ghost waited until she was making the all-important film of herself getting a drink to make its presence known. Ghosts these days have such social-media savvy! Or maybe this is all sponsored content from Tropicana. 

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After all, she didn’t leave her OJ behind. 

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