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Ghosts of Children Who Went Missing In the Woods Make Contact With the Living

This is simultaneously creepy and heartbreaking.

The Lost Children of the Alleghenies were a pair of brothers who went missing one night from their cabin in southern Pennsylvania and were the subject of an enormous manhunt back in the mid nineteenth century. Despite utilizing the services of nearly a thousand people including a witch and a dowser, the boys’ bodies were only detected when a neighboring farmer supposedly had a prophetic dream about where to find them and uncovered their bodies in a hollow tree. To this day, some do not believe the farmer’s story, so these ghost hunters are trying to get the scoop from the source.


In the video, a group of paranormal investigators (one of whom has a glorious, Beetlejuice-esque striped winter coat that you really have to see to believe) are at the place where the boys were supposedly located. At the very least it’s the place where a monument was erected to their disappearance (fifty years after the fact). 

They are performing a procedure known as the “Estes Method,” in which one person is wearing headphones attached to a spirit box (a modified AM/FM radio which cycles through frequencies) so they can only hear the white noise of the box, not anything the other investigators might be saying to the spirits. In this way, ghost hunters reason, their answers are based only on what they hear in the radio.

In this case, the results are surprisingly moving. After supposedly contacting the children’s ghosts, they confirm that the boys died of exposure and hid in the hollow tree, just as everyone always concluded. They still sound quite lost and scared, and the paranormal investigators are moved to tears by the conversation they are having with a pair of brothers who have still not found their eternal rest. 

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