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Mom Convinced She and Son Cursed by Ghosts He Met on Grandparents' Land

Animals have been dying all around them.

By now, “kid says creepy thing and terrifies parent” is practically its own genre on the internet. Tales abound of kids who have told their parents stories of their past lives, or gleefully described invisible visitors who bear an uncanny resemblance to loved ones long past, or informed them about the scary beings who share their home. This child has been telling his mom about the scary ghosts that haunt his grandparents’ property.

But there’s a twist: when they ignored the kid’s dire warnings, bad things started happening in their own home.

The little boy has for months been reporting that he sees “two little girls” that are not visible to anyone else. According to his reports, they are red, they are sad because “they can’t go night-night” and they used to work on his grandparents’ property.

I would already be ready to nope out, but apparently this wasn’t quite terrifying enough.

The story gets even more horrible when she and her son were playing in a trench on their own property, and he suddenly got very scared that he was about to be buried alive, and begged her mom to get him out.

Next, they were back at the grandparents’ property, and the son started saying the girls were upstairs and wanted them to “leave.” The adults ignored him, and a bird flew into a window upstairs and died. This was a bad omen, as the animal deaths on both properties were only just beginning.

The comments on this video are filled with advice on how to protect the boy, her family, and the home. They all agree she needs to make peace with the spirits or tell them to leave.

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