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Homeowners Swear They Caught Ghost in their Yard on Security Camera

The apparition walks right across their lawn!
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These days, it seems everyone has their own porch security camera, which means there’s tons of footage of people’s lawns, driveways, and front doors, and whatever weird things might be going on out there. If you’re a wildlife lover, there’s plenty of chances to catalogue every bird, squirrel, or raccoon that ventures onto your property. If you like the spooky stuff, however, you’re more likely to be keeping an eye out for Bigfoot or aliens.

This homeowner was shocked, when reviewing security camera footage, to see a ghostly apparition walking across the lawn. But what is really going on here? Let’s investigate.

It could be a number of options. One common reason for ghostly visions on security camera footage is due to bad buffering of the memory that allows the background to “seep in.” This could be a perfectly normal figure walking across the yard that just looks like a ghost.

Another option is that it’s a spiderweb, another cause of security camera “ghosts.” Pareidolia, the human mind’s capacity for recognizing shapes, especially humanoid ones, in random stimuli, can often account for why we’re so quick to see spirits in the shadows. In this case, we’re attributing legs and “walking” to a shredded bit of spiderweb.

In fact, the spiderweb option is the most likely. A close view of the “spirit” walking across the screen shows that there is a shimmer of light above it, on the same vertical line, that could be the rest of the strand of spiderweb, waving in the breeze.

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