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Colorado Musician Slays "Ghostbusters" Theme on Electric Violin

"Who Ya Gonna Call?"

Ghostbusters became a smash hit film when it was first released in 1984, and its catchy theme song became so popular that even today, folks know the answer to the question, “Who ya gonna call?” The song was written by Detroit musician Ray Parker, Jr., who was known at the time for his love ballads, and went on to become his biggest hit as well as being nominated for an Oscar for Best Song.

But as many times as you’ve undoubtedly heard this ear worm, you’ve never heard it like this.


In this video, Denver-based musician Mia Asano absolutely nails the theme song on her electric violin. Asano, a classically trained musician and graduate of the Berklee School of Music regularly posts videos to her social media sites. Her covers of popular hits have gone viral on multiple occasions, and gaining millions of fans.

Watching her rendition of the Ghostbusters theme, it’s easy to see why. Her bouncy energy and musical prowess is on full display as she bops around with her crimson electric violin, playing her heart out in pigtails and a pair of fabulous black satin cargo pants.

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Asano refers to her work as “violin from the future” and says her true love is performing for her audience of beloved fans, bringing the beauty of the instrument into the contemporary era. With her seven-stringed electric violin, she can be a “one woman orchestra,” capable of recreating sounds from violins, guitars, and even cellos.

Asano is touring with her band this summer, meaning that the something strange in your neighborhood might just be a kickass electric violin. 

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