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Woman Films Something Invisible Shaking the Wine Glasses in Her Kitchen

It's always 5 o'clock on the Other Side…
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A Canadian TikToker documenting the strange things going on in her house has mostly only seen paranormal activity in her basement, as well as a few instances in the yard. Recently, her other saw a strange shadow in an abandoned neighbor’s house. However, the party has lately moved upstairs, as now she is noticing the ghost is going through the things in her kitchen.


In the video, the woman enters her kitchen, already filming because she heard a strange noise. She quickly finds the glasses in their stand shaking from their stems, as if someone has shifted the entire holder across the countertops. Nearby, one of the cabinet drawers are pulled out.

Interestingly, despite all this apparent activity, her black cat is sitting calmly at the windowsill, staring outside into the sunny backyard. One would think that a sudden movement would have captured the animal's interest, but then again, perhaps black cats are close enough to the spirit world that they view a ghost rummaging around the kitchen as no big deal. In fact, the kitty seems more interested when it notices the woman filming than any shaking wineglass.

The woman reports that the paranormal activity in her basement has made her too nervous to venture down there alone, and that now she insists that her husband accompany her if she must descend to that level to do laundry or for other reasons. What will she do if the ghost decides that the kitchen, too is part of its domain?