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Ghost Town In Utah Once Plagued By Tragedy Is Now Home to Some Restless Spirits

Allegedly some very creepy things have happened here.

Some ghost towns are abandoned in terrible shape, with nothing but a few broken-down shacks and crumbling stone ruins being eaten by trees to indicate that there was ever a civilization in that spot. Perhaps it’s the desert climate, or maybe just good old-fashioned pioneer craftsmanship, but the ghost town of Grafton, Utah, just south of Zion National Park, is in remarkably good shape for having been abandoned for nearly eighty years. But don’t let the neat buildings and tree-lined fields fool you—this “most photographed ghost town in America” has plenty of history to send chills down your spine


Life in this unforgiving terrain was hard on the Mormon settlers who attempted to make this place their home, as evinced by the gravestones in the local cemetery. Some families were killed in fights with the Native people whose land they encroached upon, and others lost every child in the family before the age of nine to illness.

Local apparitions include the ghostly sound of children laughing, and the appearance of a weeping woman who vanishes into thin air if you approach her. Some viewers of this video say that they have had rocks thrown at them when they visited, though others argue that all the spirits they felt in this desolate place seemed to be at peace.

It’s not a total ghost town, though: the grounds are maintained by a trust, and part of the town lies on private ranch land, so the fields and orchards are still in use. 

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