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Make A Cool Ghostly Tie-Dye With This Simple Trick

Step up your dye game.

Tie-dye as an art form waxes and wanes in popularity. Sometimes it’s the height of bohemian youth fashion and other times it’s strictly reserved for little children at summer camp. To judge from the teens in my neighborhood, right now it’s having an “in” moment, and if you want to avoid department store prices, you can learn how to get the same psychedelic swirl of colors at home.

Skilled tie-dyers can achieve far more than simple blobs of color, though — it’s all in how your arrange the folds and gathers of the material, and where you place your rubber bands, as demonstrated here in this ghostly tie-dye. It’s perfect for Halloween, but can be easily adapted for any design.


In the video, this tie-dyer achieves the ghostly look by first outlining the shape of the spirit with a sharpie. Then gather up the material along the traced edge and secure it with a rubber band. Place another rubber band and inch or so away to create a “border”, then gather up the rest of the shirt material using what tie-dyers call the “scrunch” or “nebula” pattern.

Secure this larger piece with an array of rubber bands stretched radially over the fabric to create a sunburst or clock face design.

The key now is that instead of dipping this fabric into dye, you are going to use squeeze bottles—available at any craft store—to color the fabric. Leave the “ghost” section white, color the border orange, and then dribble purple and black paint over the final, largest piece.

Leave to set and you’ve got a purple and black shirt with an orange glowing ghost at the center.

Happy Halloween!

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