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Woman’s Aunt Gets a Mysterious Text from Her Late Mom

And it's as funny as it is baffling.

On one hand, there are ghosts—apparitions or poltergeists that haunt a particular place (or, according to some, particular people) in the form of people long past. But on the other hand, there are softer, more metaphorical signs from the beyond. Many people believe they are receiving messages from loved ones in a variety of ways, be it what song plays on the radio or what bird lands on a twig outside your window.

This family is receiving literal messages from the other side, as a woman’s sister appears to keep texting her from beyond the grave.


In the video, the woman explains that her aunt and cousin were in the car driving when a text came through from the woman’s late mother—her aunt’s late sister. They were quite obviously shocked to receive a text from a dead woman.

Even more surprising though, is it did not appear to be some kind of technical glitch. The aunt and cousin were discussing some leftovers they had at the house, and the text said, “Is there enough for me?”

Reader, I gasped.

Technology has certainly been a boon to the paranormal investigators, but apparently it can even connect families separated by the veil of death.

In the comments, folks share similarly spooky but beautifully comforting experiences of getting phone calls or messages from loved ones who have passed on. They also recommend art this family leave out a plate for the woman’s spirit. She may have died, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate a nice meal.