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Watch Woman Try to Explain “Stranger Things” To a Ghost So They Can Communicate Better

She's so sincere.
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The communication methodology between the Upside Down and Hawkins, Indiana has certainly progressed since season one of the Netflix megahit, Stranger Things. While poor Will Byers was limited to making string lights glow in order to make his presence known, by season four, residents of the Upside Down were drawing entire words on Lite-Brites to send messages back and forth.

(Actually, given what we learn in season four about the Upside Down being “frozen in time” to the moment in which Will Byers was first kidnapped by the Demogorgon, one wonders how it was that Will knew his mother’s string lights actually spelled out the alphabet?)

Nevertheless, anyone who is dealing with a supernatural presence in their house probably wants a foolproof way to communicate with it. For such reason were Ouija boards originally invented. So I don’t blame this woman, who is trying to get her resident ghost to get on the Stranger Things train. 


In the video, a woman patiently explains to what she hopes is the ghost creating the floorboards in her home (here represented by a vaguely trembling wind chime) how Will Byers managed to communicate with his mother from another plane of existence and how, if the ghost is interested, she might arrange for it to do the same thing. As everyone knows, what is truly important in a roommate situation, whether the roommates are living or dead, is proper communication. Let’s hope that the ghost in question likes nostalgic horror streaming shows, and gets with the program.