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Woman on "Ghost Tour" Pushed Down Stairs By Unseen Hands

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Casa Loma is a Gothic Revival castle in Toronto, Ontario, Canada built over a hundred years ago. It is a popular tourist attraction and visitors can soak up the history as well as participate in a ghost tour that takes you into the tunnels underneath the castle. The castle has long been regarded as a paranormal hotspot, with decades of story about a “woman in white” who haunts the hallways and sometimes, apparently, the basement.

This family had two separate, scary instances when visiting this historical landmark that make them think those stories are certainly real.


In the video, a woman shares the story about an incident that occurred while her aunt was exploring the tunnels under Casa Loma. The older woman was standing at the top of a set of stairs when she felt a slight breeze, and blacked out. The tour guide, standing nearby, said she suddenly fell down the stairs as if having been pushed. He reported that it was obvious that she hadn’t tripped, and that this woman in white is notorious for grabbing, pushing, and pulling on visitors when she’s in a mood.

Years later, the aunt and the video creator came back to the castle and took another ghost tour through the tunnels. The woman took her niece to the staircase where she had been pushed and as they stood at the top of the stairs, the niece felt her body being inexplicably pushed as well!

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Was it simply a case of the power of suggestion? Or does something in these tunnels have it in for anyone lingering on the stairs? 

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