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Home Renovator Discovers Ghostly ‘Squatter’ At Property He’s Working On

He leaves his phone for the ghost!

Nobody dislikes the disruption caused by home renovating. Apparently sometimes it can even be enough to wake the dead, as many remodelers have discovered when they move into their fixer-uppers to find out that the unseen but very much present residents of the property they are trying to flip are none too happy about what is being done to their home. (Maybe, like the main characters of Beetlejuice, they are calling in demonic reinforcements!) In this video, a home renovator thinks that his worksite has been invaded by a squatter, only to learn that it’s something far more spooky. 


This is one of those videos that I’m watching with the phone held far away from me, and judging from the comments, I’m not alone. 

In the video, a hapless construction worker is minding his own business when he thinks he hears signs of a squatter in the basement. He starts filming, and tries to check out the basement. When there doesn’t seem to be anyone down there, he looks around the other rooms of the (empty) house. But when he returns to the basement stairs, it’s to find the door to them closed. Again.

Rashly, he opens the door and calls out, but something spooks him and he drops his phone and runs off.

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This is where things get interesting. Whatever it is decides to come up and start moving the phone itself. You can’t see much but the ceiling of the room, twirling around, As a record of poltergeist activity, it’s pretty freaky. As a special-effects free short horror film, it’s also better than half the stuff you’d see at a student film festival. Either way, well done, ghosts!

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