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Unseen Entity Slaps Toddler

That poor baby!
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There are many children who seem to be blessed with guardian angels, spirits—perhaps spirits of their family who have passed—that seem to watch over these babies. Some people think that a child’s “imaginary friend” is actually an ancestral ghost who keeps the baby company and creates a special bond, even through the veil between worlds.

This child, however, seems to have gotten one who is not very nice, especially if this video is anything to go by.


In the video, a very tiny toddler is seen, well, toddling, across a kitchen floor. Suddenly, his head jerks violently to the side, as if he has been slapped, and he falls over. The woman taking the video kneels down to ask him if he’s all right. He looks at her with wide, shocked eyes, then crawls away.

When this video first went viral on TikTok, folks were shocked, with may claiming they could even hear the “smack” sound when the baby seemed as if he was getting slapped.

Others say that it was just the power of suggestion that made you hear a slap (go ahead and listen to it with the sound off to make sure) and that what was going on was that the baby had a sudden startle reflex that made him fall over. He certainly isn’t acting like he had been slapped—no tears or hurt feelings, just the standard surprise of a bay who hasn’t quite figured out walking yet, and is going to crawl a bit more.

What do you think?