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Medium Claims She Can See Ghosts In Thrifted Piece of Fabric

Her ghost sheet is legendary.

Ghosts have been depicted as wearing sheets for centuries, most likely due to the fact that the dead were usually wrapped in bundles of fabric we know as “death shrouds.” People’s reports of apparitions and revenants would speak of seeing these spirits, still in those shrouds.

But this is something different. A TikTok medium claims that she has a spirit tapestry, in which ghosts are not wrapped in the sheet she shows off in her video. Rather, they shine out through it. 


If you like this lady’s style, I highly recommend clicking through her many other videos. Basically, she hangs up a drab old sheet in various locations, plays some music, and waits for the spirits to show up. When she’s feeling their energy in a certain part of the sheet (she calls it “getting hot”) she holds the handle up to that portion of the fabric and, like magic, a face peers out.

Is it trick photography? Pareidolia? Clever video editing? Honest spiritual connection to the beyond via wrinkled knit? I have no idea, and to be perfectly frank, I’m not sure I care. The medium seems very cool and down-to-earth, her music choices are always unexpected (she claims different music draws in different spirits) and the entire vibe is chill. She often goes live on social media to prove she’s not editing or filtering these videos after the fact, and claims that the spirits who show up in her fabric are looking fo he people watching. So click through the videos and see if you spot anyone you know.