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Woman Watches In Horror As “Ghost Roomate” Unravels Toilet Paper

I can’t find the words...

If I had to deal with a ghost in my life, I would hope that it would make itself useful. Set the coffee pot for me, refill the dog’s water bowl. Stuff like that. As long as you’re sharing my home, you might as well make yourself a good roommate. Sadly, that does not appear to be the situation this young woman is dealing with.

No, this ghost is being a real jerk. Watch it unravel the toilet paper from the roll while she is sitting in the bathroom, um…otherwise occupied.


In the video, which the woman appears to be taking as she sits on the toilet, the toilet paper roll is spinning around, unraveling right before her eyes!

How does it do that? She says it’s her “ghost roomie,” but others are not so sure.

“You sure there isn't a spider in there hamster wheeling that thing?” asks one commenter, while dozens more agree. Still, would one rather a ghost was turning that paper, or a spider strong enough to move the roll, lurking inside the little cardboard tube.

Others think it’s a spirit, but also an animal. “I think you’ve got a ghost cat,” joked one viewer.

Still others have more disturbing theories.

“Ghost: just say when,” jokes one. Another asks, “Do you think it's just standing there giving the most direct eye contact while doing it?”

Now there’s a creepy thought. I would hope that any ghost who sought to hang my house would at least allow me privacy in the bathroom.