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People Swear a Ghost Aggressively Pulled Bag Off Man’s Shoulder

Their unseen friend just wants to help.

If I had to deal with a ghost in my life, Would hope that it would make itself useful. Set the coffee pot for me, refill the dog’s water bowl. Stuff like that. As long as you’r sharing my home, you might as well make yourself a good roommate.

And maybe that’s what this ghost is trying to do. It can see that the man has his hands full with the baby. Maybe it’s only trying to help.


In the video, a man is greeting a little girl (perhaps his granddaughter?) on the front lawn. He leans down to pick her up, then carries her toward whoever is taking the vide, chatting happily with the child. As he gets near, he seems momentarily distracted by something, and then his bag seems to be jerked right off his arm.

Ina super-smooth move, he sets down the baby, then catches the bag by its strap before it goes flying across the yard. He doesn’t even break his stride!

“When you FINALLY get the ghost on camera, but have to play it cool so the baby doesn’t get scared,” reads the caption on the video.

Bravo, sir. That is exactly how to do it. And yet, I’m intrigued by how very cool he appears to play it. Is he used to this ghost and it’s bag-hungry ways? Is the ghost simply trying to lend a hand? What is this gentleman’s history with the paranormal, that he was able to remain so cool, calm, and collected?

Some viewers doubt the veracity of the video, but if you’re going to fake a ghost encounter, why make it one that is so very chill?