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Family Cannot Explain How Dirty Vase Water Got Into Clean Dishes

That ghost best start paying bills if they’re acting like this.

This man was woken up at four in the morning by his mother with a mystery none of them can explain. When they went to sleep their kitchen was in a perfectly respectable and clean condition, but when they woke there was water everywhere - except in the otherwise undisturbed flower vase where it was supposed to be. The strangest part is all the places the water ended up, like in the clean dishes well above the sink and dripping from shelves across the room. There was also water on the table and floor making it seem like more than should have been able to be held in a relatively small vase. The glass vase was still upright and showed no signs of cracking or otherwise leaking the water.  

The man claims this has convinced him his mother is correct to believe in ghosts and that they clearly have a poltergeist. Ghosts that bring water associations are often believed to have died by drowning, so one investigative step that could be taken by this family is to see if any previous residents match that cause of death. It is also recommended they keep documenting any further signs their home is haunted.  

Skeptics offer a different explanation for the peculiar water relocation. Hot weather and a space that has poor insulation and poor air circulation can cause heat to get trapped which evaporated the water in the vase. Water doesn’t just disappear when it evaporates though, it turns to vapor. The air can only hold 100% humidity so excess vapor reforms as water in the coolest areas of the room.  

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