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Couple Captures What Appears to Be a Ghost Pillow Fight In Their Living Room

They seem to be arguing with each other.

TikTokers Lainey and Ben have had quite a time of it with their resident ghosts. It slams doors, knocks pictures around, grabs glasses out of people’s hands, and now, apparently starts pillow fights in the middle of the night.


At this point, fed up with the paranormal antics (or perhaps trying to see if they can at least monetize the proceedings), this English couple has turned their social media channels into spool central, keeping up a steady stream of ghosts captured on video. They have given their poltergeist a name (Dave) and they’ve also invested in technology to help viewers get a clearer view of what is going on in their house.

Though controversial, the use of the XBox 360 Kinect is popular with ghost hunters who say that the technology can actually detect spirits from the beyond and show their movements in a space. And that certainly seems to be true in this video, in which the shaky stick figures of the Kinect framework seem to be standing over the couch and tossing around the pillow that do, indeed, seem to fly about the room.

Viewers flood the comments, making it nearly as big a party as the ones the spirits are throwing. “With this much activity, they need to start charging rent,” says one. “Don’t worry, they’re just looking for the remote,” says another. “That’s when you go in there and start yelling at them like they’re your children,” says a third.

Full videos of this incident can be viewed on the couple’s YouTube channel.