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Woman Plays Piano For Ghost Pianist In Her Home and She Seems To Dig It

She’s 100% Vibing

When this family bought a two-hundred-sixty-year-old house, they had to expect it would come with a lot of history. But unbeknownst to them, it also came with a few supernatural residents, like the ghost of a former piano teacher who is still correcting the when they play the wrong notes. 


In the video, the woman who bought Elkington House plays a little tune on one of the two vintage pianos that remained inside the house when the couple bought the place. This baby grand dates from 1891, and once belonged to a previous resident, whom they know was named Anna, was a classically trained pianist, and used to teach lessons out of the house.

As she plays, the lights behind her flicker and flare every time she makes a flub, like this ghostly Anna is going, “Try again, you’re so close.”

Honestly, this is the sort of ghostly presence I would appreciate in my life. Not the kind where they run up your water bill or scare you every time you look in the mirror. Not just a friendly ghost, but a helpful one.

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The couple has documented many strange and inexplicable happenings as they fix up their beautiful old house, but they are cheerful and optimistic that whatever presence lingers on the grounds, everyone can continue to live peacefully and respectfully with each other. As they discover new supernatural happenings, they’ve documented everything (as well as their own attempts to debunk what they’ve found) on their TikTok channel

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