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There's a Reason Your Deceased Loved Ones Are Showing Up In Photos

A psychic explains why the dead sometimes appear on film.

Though too much time spent in the paranormal corners of social media might make anyone want to sleep with he lights on, the presence of spirits does not always augur something evil. After a woman’s “ghostly” photo went viral on TikTok, a psychic medium explains why so many people have these types of photos in their family, and why it’s no reason to be afraid.


The original video shares a photo a woman took as a young child, which, though blurry, shows two children playing on a couch, and what looks like an adult human catching a small child before she tumbles off the couch. But, explains the woman in the video, there was no adult present when she accidentally captured this image, which scared everyone, then and now.

But though the situation was freaky, psychic medium @thebalesky explains there’s no reason to be afraid. The spirits of loved ones sometimes hang around long after they have passed on, watching over their families, especially their children. According to her, it’s likely this spirit was exactly this type of guardian angel, protecting the child from injuring herself as she leapt over the couch cushions.

“There are such things as house ghosts,” she explains, and these are spirits that are used to the family’s antics, and love spending time with the humans with whom they reside.

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She also says that older cameras, such as the point and shoot kind used here, as well as the disposable variety, are “notorious” for capturing spirit photos, which is why so many families have pictures like these buried deep in their photo albums.

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