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Okay, the App Can’t Find Ghosts But Can It Read Palms?

Uh-oh, this is kind of fun!

TikTokers seem determined to find a paranormal use for the new AI Manga filter no matter the app designers intention. Users almost immediately noticed it would fabricate haunting figures where no people were standing and declared it must be sensing ghosts. Now, people are trying it out for palmistry by pointing their camera at their hand and switching on the filter. The app then transforms the image into an anime scene that can be interpreted symbolically such as other divination tools.  

There is something beautiful about the idea of an artificial intelligence interpreting a human palm into something digital which the human then interprets back into something human once again. It’s certainly more “meta” than ghost hunting with the app. While the claims of ghosts found by the app have been largely debunked, there is no way to debunk the symbolic interpretation of randomly generated images based on the individualistic features of one’s palm.  

Palmistry is an ancient practice with roots across many cultures, but it is often believed to have originated out of Indian and Roma culture before spreading to Europe, Asia, and then the Americas. Practitioners of this fortune-telling craft believe that things like the size, shape, finger length, and lines on the hand can reveal deep and personal information about an individual including their future paths in life. 

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