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Couple Hears Weird Noises Coming From Stairs

Sounds like the ghost is getting his cardio in.
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Imagine: you’re minding your own business at home when you suddenly hear the mysterious sounds of a door opening and shutting, as if someone in the next room is banging the door, over and over again. Concerned that someone might be breaking in, you rush toward your basement steps and call out toward the intruder. Then, you hear the unmistakable sounds of footsteps coming up the stairs toward you…but you see nothing at all!

That's what happened to the family in this video... or so it appears.

In this scary video, a couple is confronted with horrible banging coming from their basement, scaring them and their dog. One person heads toward the basement steps, holding his phone out in front of himself like a shield. But when he calls out to the entity, the banging stops, and something even worse happens. Something invisible runs up the steps toward him!

So what’s going on here?

Well, the simplest, non-paranormal answer is that this is just a clever edit. One of the issues with TikTok is that it’s incredibly easy to layer whatever sounds you want to over the video you are showing. In fact, it’s one of the main activities that people partake in on TikTok, is “lip-syncing” They could easily have recorded this sound earlier and are using the TikTok sound editing tools to put an entirely different soundtrack to the video.

Or, you know, it’s a ghost.

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