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Ghost-like Creature Caught In Detail Thanks to Different Angles of Security Cameras

Please do not let this be real.

The Spanish YouTube community has been abuzz with this strange footage that seems to show the ghost of a woman crawling across the ground and even purports to have caught her on different cameras. The dark shadow has the shape of a woman with long hair and appears to be half crawling and half dragging her legs behind her on a street in the middle of the night. Another angle shows the creature from above and more clearly and it seems to be a woman with a skeleton face doing some sort of upside down crab-walk that looks right out of any horror movie.  

The terrifying entity does its strange crab walk with erratic and jarring unnatural movements that bring to mind the 2002 movies “The Ring” and “The Grudge” which both featured a poltergeist-like young girl from beyond the grave.  

Eagle-eyed viewers may notice the first two camera angles shown are actually the same with one just flipped as a mirror image to make it appear to be from a different camera. The third shot is from a different camera and angle but could more plausibly be a human woman pulling a prank. We strongly hope the footage is faked because it is all too creepy!

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