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Couple Moves to Escape Ghosts and Find Out They May Have Hitched a Ride

Um, no one invited you, dude.

This couple moved house just to discover the unexplained phenomena followed them! A kitchen camera captures a drawer flying open mysteriously while the kitchen is completely empty. The man seems to have heard the loud bang of the drawer snapping open and comes in to investigate. He takes a few steps into the room and a cabinet door crashes open. He puts his hands on the sides of his face and just starts saying “Oh no, no, no, no, not again, no, no, no” and just walks back out of the room.  

In these cases where a location change does not stop the paranormal activity, it is often believed the person themselves is cursed or has an entity or spirit connected to them, or they are in possession of a cursed or haunted object that was brought with them in the move. Items that are likely to be cursed will often be quite old and valuable, such as the Cursed Amethyst that resides at the Natural History Museum. There are examples of modern objects becoming cursed or haunted, such as a talking Elmo doll, but it’s often easier to destroy replaceable and mass produced items rather than go through all the trouble of removing a curse or ghost from it.

Many commenters are skeptical of the veracity of this couple's video, with some claiming they can see string being pulled by someone hiding outside or that a wireless trigger is being used to pop open the drawer and cabinet door. These tricks can’t be ignored, but would almost certainly arise with legitimate footage of invisible spirits moving objects too.

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