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Unseen Entity Causing Mayhem in Family's House

Time to move.

A family has been documenting strange events in their house ever since moving in. From slamming doors to strange footsteps and whispers, they have documented many instances of supernatural activity on their social media, drawing the attention of paranormal investigators as well as legions of fascinated onlookers. Whereas most channels featuring ghostly activity on TikTok have this as their raison d’etre, Tasha D, as she calls herself, was simply documenting her family’s life before all he weird stuff began to occur. 


In this video, which is one of many, she sets up a camera to record in her kitchen overnight, hoping to discover why it is that she wakes every morning to find her recipe books splayed across the floor.

The results are surprising. According to the video, the books are knocked over by an unseen force at around one a.m., then knocked off the counter around three. Then, there is the faint but unmistakable sound of laughter.

In subsequent videos, Tasha clears off her countertops and records again, attempting to show naysayers that there are no “secret holes” in her cabinetry through which a faker might be pushing the books around. She’s also seen orbs and recorded videos of doors opening and shutting on their own. She brought paranormal investigators into her house, who recorded spirits answering their questions on EVP recordings, and even knocking over picture frames.

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No answer yet as to what this entity or entity wants from them, or how to get the paranormal activity to cease, though Tasha is hopeful that they are merely disturbed by the renovations the family is doing to the upper floor, and that once they see how nice it is, they’ll calm down.

Here's hoping it works! 

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