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Woman Moves Into 200 Year Old House and Thinks She’s Getting “Gifts” From Ghost Children

Mysterious stuff keeps showing up...

Anyone who buys a two-hundred-year-old house has got to expect that it comes with some history attached. Sometimes, that history includes a few unexpected residents, whether that’s mice in the walls, bats in the belfry, or even a couple of mischievous ghosts. Fortunately for this woman, the child ghosts who share her home are not particularly malicious. Instead, they are generous!


In the video, TikToker @may-faery shares a few gifts she claims have been left for her by the ghost children who reside in her historical home. These include a little gray metal matchbox car, and a football player trading card (former Seahawks fullback David Hughes, if you’re curious.) May has no kids in henhouse, so she can’t imagine why these toys appear on her nightstand or in other unexpected places. Given the vintage of these two toys, it’s likely that her ghost is not in fact two hundred years old, but instead hails from the 1980s.

Though random toy appearances are harmless, the other trick her ghost (or ghosts?) likes to pull is a bit more annoying: May often wakes up to find that someone has turned on the bathroom faucet and left it running. Perhaps it’s time to teach these little hooligans about the dangers of wasting water. “They need to start paying my water bill,” she jokes. One commenter has the following suggestion: “You should tell them if they don't turn on the water for a week you'll get them some HotWheels.”

That sounds like a pretty good deal. 

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