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Man Allegedly Confesses to 33 Year Old Murder Because the Victim’s Ghost Began Haunting Him

She wanted justice.

In March of 1982, 13-year-old Carrie Ann Jopek left school early to attend a party at a friend’s house, and was never seen alive again. After seventeen months, the skeletal remains of her body were discovered under the porch of her friend’s house, where the party had been thrown, but there was no closure to the case for over thirty long years, when the killer finally confessed to the crime.

Why? Some—including the girl’s mother—said the victim’s spirit had haunted him for decades.


In this video, a true crime TikToker summarizes the strange case of the murder of Carrie Ann Jopek. “Jose Ferreira claims he has not had a night of peace” since the date he committed the murder, the woman narrates.

Ferreira pushed Jopek down the stairs into the basement and then assaulted her. He claims that after he was done he realized the fall had snapped her neck and killed her. In panic, he buried her under the back porch. Due to the lack of evidence, they were unable to connect this cold case to anyone, and it remained unsolved for thirty-three years until Ferreira confessed in 2015.

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Over the years, the murderer even befriended the victim’s family, as the guilt (and possibly the girl’s spirit) tortured him. Jopek’s mother Carolyn Touisgnant, told the media at the time that Ferreira once told her of his torment: "He said he was ‘haunted’... He told me, ‘Your daughter’s haunting me,’ and I believe she was."

Eventually, Ferreira accepted a plea deal for the killing, and was sentenced to seven years of jail time, where he may or may not still be haunted by his crimes. 

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