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Woman Trying to Debunk "A.I. Ghost App" Trend Gets More Than She Bargained For

Um...what's that in the corner?
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Ghost hunters use all kinds of technology to speak to the dead. They have specially modified radios called spirit voices that can flip through channels and call out in human voices, electromagnetic doodads that claim to capture spirit energy on a spectrum, and even the occasional gaming system or Tesla that can supposedly detect ghosts with their super-powered sensors. The latest hot craze on TikTok is an anime app that puts a cartoon filter over your own images. However, people have pointed said filter at empty rooms (or graveyards, or sometimes their own faces) and found anime characters appearing where there are no human figures. Is the app picking up ghosts?

Debunking videos abound on TikTok, with several claiming that all the app does is trying to make human figures out of shadows, furniture, or even eyeglasses. But when this woman tried to do a debunking video, she only managed to terrify herself.

In the video, a woman claims she was trying to show how the app picked up nothing but her furniture, but when she pointed it at the curtains of her home, she saw a figure lurking behind it. She tried again, and this time, the figure was peeking out further, as if noticing that she managed to pick it up in the photograph.


The next time she took the picture, with the same framing and all, all she found was curtain, as if the ghost—or whatever—had vanished. Why would three pictures, taken of the same object, at nearly the same time, result in such a strange display? Well, who knows how these app filters work.

Or, how ghosts do…

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