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Ghost Harasses Houseguest In the Middle of the Night

Guess it didn't approve of the invite.

You sometimes read stories about unscrupulous Air BnB hosts who plant secret cameras in their homes and record their guests. And no one is denying that’s incredibly creepy. But nowadays, it seems as if every would-be ghost hunter online is setting up security cameras to film the paranormal activity they say haunts their home. Are people telling houseguests that they’ve got cameras everywhere, even if it’s only to catch the ghosts? One would expect disclosure regarding the existence of these cameras when it comes to unsuspecting—living—visitors.

I wonder if the guy sleeping on these people’s couch knew he was being recorded, even before the scary stuff started happening?


In the video, a man is asleep on the couch with the family dog when, in the middle of the night, lights begin going on and off in the next room. He wakes up scared and runs from the room, as the door where the lights come on closes.

Interestingly enough, through the entire scenario, with the lights and the man getting upend running out of the room, the dog barely stirs. I can see the former—especially if the pooch is used to the household ghost turning on lights in the middle of the night, he might not get up to investigate. But I’d imagine if I ran scared from the room in the middle of the night, my dog would want to stick case by.

The residents say they keep the camera on because of the strange activity they have noticed, and that the man ran into their room to alert them of the paranormal activity.

But I’m still curious about that dog.