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Woman Claims Someone Woke Her In the Middle of the Night, But She was Home Alone

And things were not as she left them after she went to sleep.

A young woman living alone for the first time in her own apartment was terrified the other night when she was jolted out of sleep by an unseen entity. 


In the video, the woman explains that she had gone to bed with both her bedroom and bathroom door shut (and in the case of he former, locked), but in the middle night she was suddenly awoken by a snapping noise above her head. When she looked around, she discovered that not only were both doors open, but her dog, who had been in bed with her, was down the hall in the spare bedroom, cowering in his crate.

Obviously, she was shaken by these events. Paranormal or not, one does’t want to think there is anyone sleeping around your home while you are asleep, especially if you’re a young woman alone. After asking her building’s management company for assistance, she was advised to “install cameras.” Big help.

In the comments, viewers are torn. Some are pretty sure what happened was that she received a “warning” from a guardian spirit, alerting her to the presence of a very real intruder, and that she should focus on good locks and maybe bars in her windows. Others think the entire event was supernatural in nature, and that she was is being haunted. Though her apartment building is new, the land it’s located on might have some paranormal resonance, especially she lives in “Appalachia.”

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For now, the woman has a friend staying over with her, and is filling her house with portable lots, cameras, and holy water, just in case. 

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