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The Ghost of Grandmom Shows Up in the Family’s Reunion Pic

No one can explain it.

Who says death has to get in the way of a good family reunion? About a year after this grandmother passed away she appeared in a photo taken at the family reunion! The family gathered together at the house the grandma had lived in her whole life and decided to take a group picture in front of the beloved home. Later when they went back to look at it they discovered a face in the window - a face that was clearly the grandmother’s.  

Next to the ghostly face there is a wet paint sign that the granddaughter says was further proof there wasn’t a physical body present - when they checked the painted floor in that area there were no footprints to explain who was looking out at them while the picture was taken. The whole family is convinced the spirit of their grandmother is still with them, enjoying the home she always lived in during life. They can't find any other explanation for this mysterious photograph.

Most people who experience haunted homes wish to rid themselves of the unofficial ghostly tenants, however in this case the family might want to break out the Ouija board instead. Many believe these spirit boards allow ghosts to communicate more clearly with the still living, especially ghosts that have trouble manifesting auditory sounds.  

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