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Camera Catches Ghost Yanking Glass Out of Dad’s Hands

Is it time to move?

I’ve often wondered if I could share my home with a ghost. I feel like as long as the ghost isn’t trying to hurt me or sneaky behind me when I look in the mirror, it probably wouldn’t be huge nuisance. Sure, there’s the occasional thump in the night, or something knocked off a countertop, but it doesn’t sound much worse than sharing your home with, say, a cat. And, given a cat’s love of knocking glasses over, this next video makes me think the comparison is apt. 


In the video, TikTokers Laney and Ben are chilling on the couch watching a bit of television when a ghost decides it would like it if Ben wasn’t holding his glass anymore. No, he didn’t drop it, despite what some skeptics (and even Laney herself) originally argues. Watch carefully and you can clearly see the glass being angled and wrenched right out of his hand before it flies across the floor and rolls away. 

This isn’t the first encounter the couple have had with their house ghost. They’ve even given the entity a name, Dave, and made lots of recordings of his antics. So far, the spirit seems to confine itself to the occasional knocking over of garbage cans in the middle of the night, or harmless pranks like the bit with the glass. Ben even claims that they sometimes notice their baby looking at something invisible and laughing as if whatever they see, it’s amusing them.

Actually, given this sort of behavior, I’m wondering if Dave is a ghost person… or a ghost cat. 

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