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Women Are Convinced They Caught Audio Of Ghost Laughing at Their ‘Bad Joke'

If a ghost is going to haunt us, this is the kind of ghost I want.

I try not to watch ghost videos too late at night. The last thing I need to be thinking about before I turn off all the lights in my house is what kind of entities might be hovering around me when I sleep. If only more ghosts were friendly, like this good-humored revenant recorded by two women using a device known as a “spirit box.”


In this video, the would-be ghost whisperer tells an excruciatingly bad joke to a ghost they are communicating with, and she responds with a polite chuckle. I found the audio of the spirit box difficult to parse, though judging from the comments on the video, I am in the minority. Most people had no trouble hearing or appreciating the ghost’s laughter. (Maybe it would have been easier to hear if the girls had told a better joke?)

EVPs or electronic voice phenomena are time-tested ways to communicate with otherworldly presences around us, though understanding how to parse their transmissions takes time and technology, such as the spirit boxes the girls are using. A spirit box is a modified radio which quickly scans through AM channels, creating a white noise effect that ghosts can supposedly manipulate in order to send their own messages or even, apparently, laughter. 

Now that I know that ghosts have a sense of humor, the next time I’m alone in my house and freaked out, I can always distract them by streaming a comedy special.