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Ghost of Dead Friend Seems to Appear in Window During Get Together

Maybe he was drawn in by the music...
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The appearance of a ghost doesn’t always have to be terrifying. What if it is loved one or an old friend come to visit? Sure, Ebenezer Scrooge wasn’t exactly thrilled when Jacob Marley intruded on his bedroom that night, but also, Scrooge didn’t really seem to like company at all in his pre-“visited by three ghosts Christmas Eve” period of life. Perhaps, after all that went down, he and Marley hung out quite nicely together, clanking chains and all.

For this group of friends, losing one of their own was hard, but hopefully their spirits were lifted somewhat by the thought that he wasn’t that far away after all, and that maybe, when playing his favorite song, he might be nearby.

This video purports to show a group of young people getting together to play some tunes on a guitar soon after the passing of one of their friends. The video pans past the friends, playing music and talking, toward a window, where a shadowy, humanoid shape appears be standing just outside, listening in.

The apparition can indeed be quite jarring, as it is featureless and amorphous, with no face, clothing, or other details. In the comments, some wonder if it was a ghost at all, or the paranormal shapeshifter known as a skin walker.

The group was surprised when they reviewed the video, as they never noticed the figure in the doorway, and were unsure of what it is. They hope, however, that it really was their friend, tuning in for one last session before heading off into the world beyond.

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