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Paranormal Investigator Has Found Ghost Followed Him Home

Hope he has a spare creepy attic...

As paranormal investigations become a popular entertainment and pastime, and ghost hunting social media sites proliferate across websites, youtube channels, and various apps, experts in the spooky warn that there are certain precautions one must take when dealing with the unseen world. While contacting the other side, it’s good to ward yourself so as not to invite any unwanted entities into your body, soul, or car. And you certainly don’t want to take these restless spirits home.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what this paranormal investigator has apparently done.


In this video, a ghost hunter claims that after he got home from his paranormal tracking activities, he was surprised to find that some kind of spirit had hitched a ride right into his house. He discovered the stowaway via the use of his spirit box, which is a popular device ghost hunters to use to communicate with the spirits they seek. It utilizes radio technology, and rapidly switches between channels. Proponents of spirit box tech claim that ghosts can manipulate the technology to play clips from the various stations. (How the ghosts understand what will be said on the radio at the exact moment it is tune to that station is left unexplained.)

In this case, the man’s spirit box turned itself on in his bag, and when he asked the room hat was happening, a child’s voice said, “We’re here!”


One hopes that his ghost hitchhiker was the friendly sort, and that he knows what to do to make its stay comfortable.