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EVP Reading Catches Flirty Spirit “Hitting On” Ghost Hunter

Even in the after life we can’t catch a break.

We all know about catcalls on the street, or customers who think basic politeness on behalf of servers or clerks are invitations to hit on you at work, but this might be a new one. A ghost hunter who finds that she isn’t safe from unwanted advances, even in the afterlife.


In the video, a ghost hunter is leaning over to look at a crooked tombstone in a cemetery when her EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) device picks up someone saying, “Nice underwear!”

Shocked, she straightens and tells the entity, “Don’t look at my butt!”

And, like all men who’ve been caught catcalling, this ghost gets immediately defensive. “I have a wife,” he argues, before again remarking on her behind. Uh, yeah, man, because she was totally hitting on you by bending over to read a tombstone. Because flirting with a dead man is a thing that works.

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“Romance is dead, I guess,” quips one viewer in the comments section. “Now these are the kind of ghost videos I believe,” remarks another, putting into words the exhaustion of every woman who has to deal with this stuff.

But perhaps we shouldn’t put all the blame on the ghost. After all, he might not know how these newfangled ghost devices work. Maybe he wasn’t aware that, for possibly the first time ever, his randy thoughts were being recorded on these devices and broadcast out loud for not only the woman to hear, but also all of TikTok.

I wonder if his wife is buried nearby, and if so, what she thinks about the entire incident.  

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