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Camera Catches Images of Family's Dead Dog Playing in Snow

Is he visiting from heaven?

The loss of a family pet can be a time of immense grief, as the comfort and love provided by a companion animal is so pure and uncomplicated. For months after my dog passed away, I would think I heard her signature scratch at my door, or the pressure of her warm, fuzzy body on the foot of my bed. Even now, I like to imagine that her spirit still visits me whenever I dream of her. For this family though, a week after their dog died they caught video evidence that her spirit still lingered on this Earth


In the video, TikTok paranormal investigator Jayme is filming a simple shot of her family out sledding in the snow when something curious seems to happen in the frame. While no other part of the video is effected, the area around her living dog’s face suddenly distorts and changes. When the video is slowed, it seems to reveal the dog’s face being replaced with an image of their other family dog, who passed a way a mere week earlier!

“I was recording my son sledding and when I went back to watch I saw Abby made an appearance,” she explains. “She wanted to sled with her family!”

When skeptics bombard her page to accuse her of using snapchat filters, she gets understandably snippy. “Why would I post such a lie? I didn’t use a filter. I didn’t even notice until after I recorded and saw the glitch which happened to be my dog’s face.”

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I get it, Jayme. And I believe you, too. Clearly, her darling Abby is waiting here until it’s her sister’s time to cross the rainbow bridge as well. 

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